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Livetrend: Theatre Stage - Fall/Winter 2021-22

6 апр. 2021 г.

Livetrend ​has tracked the top trend-directions of the FW21's season, which capture the essential influence of culture, social life and dressing-up. Theatre Stage is one of the trend-highlights that have been analyzed.

Poets and Performers 

It is time to shine again. FW 21 is a season that reflects consumers’ boosting energies of positivity and optimism towards the future and the desire to step into a post-pandemic dreamland. The emerging trend Theatre Stage is radiating a flamboyant and joyful mood. Today, the urge for self-expression, socializing and experiencing culture and creativity is stronger than ever before. With cinemas, museums, theaters, clubs, concert halls etc. being closed for more than a year now, cultural and creative movements are increasingly resurfacing as a source of inspiration. Diverse references to the literature and art world, as well as an eccentric night-life, are now creating an array of fashion-forward arty rebels and theatrical personas.

Moschino, Act No.1, Vivienne Westwood, Marni

The need to socialize and self-express, combined with creative freedom are reflected in the omnipresence of maximalist looks on the shows. The key pieces include dresses with unexpected volumes in colorful harmonies that are trimmed with feathers or jewels. A focus on the top still seems relevant. Statement shoulders and collars continue to allow this new intellectual and eccentric counter-culture to grab on-screen attention until their natural habitats reopen. The historic and culture-related references include new trend-pieces, like ballet-inspired body-suits, gala-ready ceremony pieces and a wide array of nostalgic details (corset elements or mutton sleeves). Prints and colors are adding to the statement feel of this trend. They include romantic and abstract art-related graphics in vibrant color combinations and result in grand-gesture effects. Consumers’ needs to unleash their pulsating creative potentials is a given with those new styles.

Time for change !

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