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Paul Smith Women's Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection in London (with itw)

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At paul smith, a cool attitude reigns, with a sense of lightness and a newfound ease in this collection fall/winter 2014/15. with this in mind, the show kicks off with silk pjyama sets. these give way to trouser-suits reinterpreted by senior british designers with baggy pants, belted cardigans, scarves casually positioned around the shoulders and blazers in different materials and prints. warm, soft tones dominate, revolving around midnight blue, mustard, burgundy and grey. structured, perfectly enveloping coats finish off the silhouette in style, or even in eccentricity if worn over a long, red or blue fur overcoat.music from the fashion showpaul smith:i have always liked that very androgynous, very boyish look but sometimes that is quite restricting so i wanted to have things like pyjamas or fluid dresses that give the femininity but they wear boys clothes over the top so like the long overcoats or the tailoring and also i like mixing all the patterns, i think that was very much the influence from when i started out really.i think people are looking for a new silhouette after the very slim silhouettes. of course, the slim silhouette is still important but i think that some girls really like the fact that it was catherine hepburn who said ‘you can’t be a modern woman if dress like a girl’, so you have to dress like a boy to be a modern woman so you can move around so that’s quite nice.