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Tibi : collection spring-summer 2017 in New York

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Designer : amy smoliviclocation : tribeca- manhattan- collection spring / summer 2017silhouette : tibi is the ultimate trendy label, daring already for several seasons to propose shirts and tops with nude shoulders of with xxl sleeves flouncy and ultra long. this time it reveals the waist with a cropped top, brassière, a naked back. focus on : the loose tailoring of finely striped jackets and high waisted trousers. the skirt with golden buttons. to note : all the ethereal dresses at the end of the show, light as can be in tones of white, mustard and yellow. interview with amy smolivic: the collection is inspired by a lot of different things, but mostly a woman’s lifestyle and i took a lot of references from a photographer that i’m obsessed with, her name is julie blackmon. and so it’s based a lot on some of the imagery from the photography mixed with a lot of victorian and edwardian shapes this season. proportions are really important and also i think seeing the waist again feels really really fresh and nice, so there’s a lot of corsetry going on and a lot of higher waistbands, a lot of lingerie details. the idea of corsetry is so different to the concept of eased and relaxed, so for me it was about working really hard to find a way to give you that look and that structure that corsetry gives you, but do it in a way that is very relaxed, that’s very utilitarian at the same time and so i think we did that. music from the show (only to be used in the cotnext of the show, protected by the right information)