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Tory Burch - Women's Autumn/Winter 2017-18 collection in New York (with interview)

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Designer : tory burchambiance : on the ground floor of the whitney museum , a book of poems left on each seat ( for valentine’s day ) and a collection inspired by the character katharine hepburn played in the film “the philadelphia story”silhouette : the total white looks at the beginning of the show, the worked knit in a patchwork effect, the tweed, black velvet trousers with a white silk shirt. to note : all the delicate embroidery, the flowers adorned with white pearls and jewelry. interview with tory burch : i was inspired by a very confident woman in katherine hepburn and i don’t know if you have seen the philadelphia story, it took place in 1944, and i think she was inspiring because she had that softness but she also had an edge.that was also a reference to my childhood, and there’s a barnes foundation in philadelphia and its degas, one of the artists that he has many pictures of, so we were really interested in movement and how to blow it up and a lot was about scale, taking a tweed and making it giant. i think that was directly from my parents monogramming, and my father always had a dinner jacket with his monogram or crest so that was a reference or a homage to himthat was inspired by my mother because she always used to wear these incredible bow blouses and big shapes out of taffeta music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)