Coach Show- Men's and women's collection spring/summer 2018 in New York (with interview)

Creative director: Stuart VeversAtmosphere: An all-black room, some buildings and an old car, images of NYC, covered with silver sequins. A mixed collection, men’s and women’s.Collection: glitter is everywhere, from the skirts to the bombers down to the boots. The designer celebrates New York sparkling but in a spirit more ‘downtown’. Cropped leather jackets are worn on on bombers in coordination with jeans or with a glittered skirt. There are lingerie style and floral patterned dresses, worn with sleeveless and shearling jackets. The men dare to wear Hawaiian shirts and perfect leather trousers.To note: The patterns of Keith Haring inscribed on many outfits, underlining the cool of New York. Model stars Kaia Gerber and Hairnef walk the catwalk.ITW with Stuart Vevers:I definitely started the season with the idea of the Coach girl dressing up. I think we’ve now established the character and the identity of the girl so I feel I can explore new ideas and new things in the Coach girl’s wardrobe. The idea of dressing up was really important so shine, satin, sparkles, sequins.While I explored the idea of dressing up I still wanted it to have that Coach Girl toughness like New York City attitude so it’s more feminine. There’s more glitter but there’s those rugged cool leather jackets, biker jackets. The rules of how people dress, about gender, about luxury, I think it’s all changing and I really want Coach to stand for those new ideas. Music from the show (for use only in the show, under cover of the right to information).

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