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Tibi - Women's & Men's collection Spring/Summer 2019 in New York (with interview)

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Designer: amy smilovicinspiration: the designer continues on her road, between pretty fabrics and bright colours appealing to elegant, active and busy women.collection: the suit trouser takes it easy, tied at the front, or on the side allows the fabric to flow. long shirt dresses are worn without embellishments whilst skirts are decorated with hems. pastel and soft colours have been used making everything appear light and airy.note: some masculine looks, have also been a success, in particular jackets and trench coats. interview with amy smilovic: yeah, the tailoring was quite, it had a lot of structure to it, but it also had a lot of ease at the same time so it was just kind of juxtaposing how you can have that ease and then be very put together and refined still and feel like yourself.i like the details that were really meant to, you can wear it however you want. so anything that you saw knotted in the front can also be left down, and so you know, i really want people to put their own personality onto the clothing, instead of the other way around.the colours are where i start and i have an amazing design team, i really do and so i can never take the credit, but the one thing i really do myself is the colour.for the men, it’s a nice femininity and for the women it’s a nice bit of masculinity, you know it works together.music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).