HOGAN - Men's and Women's Spring/Summer 2019 Presentation in Milan (with interview)

General Director: Sergio AzzolariHogan’s Presentation: Los Angeles, the chosen destination for their new collection. The luxury sports shoe brand took inspiration from California’s sunsets and wild nights to create a brightly coloured, florescent collection of trainers with athletic and modern allures made from light and technical materials.We find the symbolic H on new “MAX.I.ACTIVE” trainers. For the beach, new styles of flip flops and a bag made from various materials including leather, sponge and neoprene.Interview with Sergio Azzolari, the General Director:Los Angeles in the magic hour, the beautiful hour between dusk and dawn, where dreams come true and the idea was exactly to mimic that with a product that we tried to make as interesting as luxurious, but also as you know, young and sexy as it should be, because that’s what the brand is really all about and it’s all about being fresh, it’s about being groovy, sport inspired, always with a always with a luxury twist.There’s a lot of fluidity, even in the shoes for the men, so we try to have a colour palette that goes a lot wider than usual. Old and young colours, and all the fluorescent colours are quite hype today. The idea is also to mix them with white, to make them more wearable if you want.If you live in LA you know that at a certain time of the day when the sun is going down, the neon lights come up. So the fluorescent is really the neon lights.Music Bandit & Nikit - 2018

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