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#TheBestIsYetToCome - Interview with Lisa Chavy, founder of Livy

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Interview with lisa chavywhy is the best yet to come?everything we have experienced over the last two months, it has really allowed us to learn about our business and know-how within the company, especially with the digital acceleration which is very promising for us as well as the proximity we had with our community.how do we reinvent ourselves?don’t hesitate to move forward. it’s true that we know where we want to go, but the path to get there can be different. especially to not be afraid, to move on and test things. can fashion be a driver of change?the most important is to start creating products that carry meaning, to be transparent in all that we do. and today this is really the path that livy wants to take with her name, by setting up her atelier in france. what about “better – differently – less” in fashion?so, less maybe less in all the talks that are around us.different because today it’s very important to be different, to renew, to be agile, to ask the best questions, and better means to consume better with products that are more and more meaningful. what is your next challenge?set up our parisian production workshop to have products made in paris so we will be as close as possible to the creation, even the consumer in complete transparency can come and see precisely where the product is made. a written word to define #thebestisyettocome?the object i chose is a stone, an apophyllite. it’s true that i love all minerals, semi-precious stones and this one is my favourite because it gives energy, it expresses creativity, emotions, positivity.